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Rustic Land with annual profitability in Monchique

Rustic Land with a total area of 486875 m2 situated in Monchique with medronheiros, arable culture, eucaliptal and Rural construction with stunning views of Portimão and ria de Alvor.

The Land has had an exploration contract with Portucel since 2011 in half of its Area with an interesting profitability, also has the possibility to rebuild existing rural construction up to a maximum of 300m2.

Come to know live this excellent business opportunity.

Beauty also tires from what transmits to us in emotion. All it takes is for the color to be a scream, it is enough that the mutations are inshock. Let us escape because of the blues, the reds, the yellows, let us reconform a little the tired spirit. Only green will serve us balm and Monchique will be the next point to reach.

The mountains, seen from afar, is just a good photographic background,Stop looking at these salty terrains. They're sad and sterile like death.
The river of Boia and the soil begins to convuls, the hills gradually take height, each other in deep folds and the road winds between shale barriers like a reptile buffeted by the sun.

The vegetation thickens. (...)
Now, acacia, cedars and eucalyptus almost intertwines defying the sun's rays to cross their compact foliage. An extension of two tens of meters takes us to the spa. (...)

Down to Paradise. A foliage dome protects us and the clear stream runs softly surrounding pebbles sometimes black, sometimes reddish. Small eyes of the sun mark on the brown earth luminous circles. A bridge... A small waterfall... The cicadas sing and everything is green around us.
The water digs the schist extracts, deepens deeper and further and the path tightens, strangles itself.

A little note. Blue Hortenses... A garden snob lake... Three eucalyptus trees in whose romantic girls trunks have carved hearts and wrote verses... A stone table... A source... The Fountain of the Loves.
Some avant-garde stones, which stopped when encountering any obstacle, resemble the sown poios of the Zêzere valley.On the way to Monchique, the slopes carved on terraces sometimes look like roman amphitheaters.

We start the climb to Foia let's look around. In front the soft green flap of the soutos that rise from one and the other side of the serra river; at our feet the steps of a monumental staircase that descends to the Foot of the Cross and to the north the village that seems lying on the flap of a hill.
Where he found a foot of farmland, the man erected walls of defense against erosion and planted gardens. How painful your effort... The water runs everywhere. It makes us want to fall from the ground in a prayer to the earth...

Low density afforestation as we rise, the living edges of the stone masses are daggers that seek to hurt us, the air becomes purer, the temperature drops and the mountain receives us contemptuously.
A wide curve... The pyramid of Foia...

We lose track of distances, it seems that we are looking at an embossed map. The Alentejo, in its vastness, as if it squeezing... The cutout of the coast appears clear, creased... clear stains of many houses together. Portimão... Alvor... Lakes... The sands of Meia Praia... Further afield, Sagres and St. Vincent... And to the sides of Algezur the hills look like peed wombs.

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